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Stone Quarry Hill Art Park Chartreuse / Charcueterie Event A Great Success!

Last night the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park (SQHAP) in partnership with George Philanthrophy Group hosted an ode to the Summer Solstice with a chartreuse & charcuterie party.

On a perfect 75 degree night, guests gathered at the SQHAP to enjoy live music, an open bar manned by celebrity volunteer bartender, Rick Race of Ellis Insurance and sprawling charcuterie board provided by Chef Billy-Brendan Ginty of Your Table Is Ready

Stone Quarry Board of Directors and event co-chairs Bob and Bobbie Constable along with Meg and Phil George honored Marion Hancock Fish, former Board Chair with the 2023 Riester Award for her contributions to the park.

Opening remarks of the night were given by Artist in Residence, Dr. Juhanna Rogers who preformed excerpts of her one woman show set to preform in Syracuse this fall. She commented fondly on her time at the art park and the amazing connections and support she has received from the Cazenovia community at large. She lamented on the struggles of pursuing art full-time, and thanked the art park for encouraging women, especially women of color such as herself to follow their dreams of making art a viable career.

Under the leadership of Emily Zeangle, CEO and thanks to generous donations from the community, the SQHAP has tripled their operating budget from years past. The organization is thrilled to be able to allot more funding towards the "Artist in Residence" Program and have even been able to hire their first Artistic Director ever -- Sayward Schoonmaker. Things are looking very positive going into the second half of 2023!

As guested munched and mingled, they were encouraged to explore the art on the property. Over the past 30+ years, the SQHAP has been blessed to receive permanent and non-permanent gifts of art from the artists who have resided here and have benefitted from this longstanding program. To learn more about the visiting artist program, click here.

Community members can visit the SQHAP and walk the trails for a small donation.

As the night came to a close guests were invited to gather around a large bonfire at the top of the hill. The perfect sunset enveloped the hills as the view went on for miles. It was a truly spectacular experience to be able to see community members of all ages participate in such a wonderful event. It was a great reminder of how lucky we are to have the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY. To learn more about donating to the SQHAP visit


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