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Cazenovia Art Trail - Deborah Wester

On September 30th and October 1st join us for one of our favorite annual events -- The Cazenovia Art Trail! We are so blessed to live in a community that supports and celebrates artists for their contributions to culture! This weekend we are able to peek behind the curtain and stop into their studios (where all the magic happens!) To get all the details about the weekend, visit and for a downloadable copy of the map, visit

One of many featured artists of the weekend is Deborah Dougherty Wester

Perched atop her home, Deborah's studio is a sun-drenched sanctuary. Caz locals will be treated to familiar scenes dotting the bright walls, and maybe even a friendly greeting from kittens Winslow and Homer. Surrounded by the very landscapes she immortalizes on canvas, Deb crafts masterpieces that resonate with both locals and visitors alike. The art trail is a great opportunity to see a few in the making, like this gorgeous unfinished painting of the Caz Ski Club below.

While Deborah's primary medium is oil paint, a recent peek into her world revealed a treasure trove of watercolor journals. These delicate pieces below were born from a workshop in Italy, providing a different perspective on her artistic range.

Artist Statement: Inspiration and Beauty Are Everywhere

Deb's art is an ode to the tranquility she finds in rural life and the awe she feels towards nature. With a keen eye, she captures the idyllic charm of rolling hills, pastoral farms, and serene lakes. Whether working en plein air or in her studio, her creations exude a sense of calm that resonates deeply with those who encounter them.

About Deborah Dougherty Wester:

Deborah Dougherty Wester is more than an artist; she's a storyteller. With three decades of experience, she has honed her craft through a blend of classes, workshops, and a healthy dose of self-discovery. A member of the Cazenovia Artisans, Cazenovia Watercolor Society, and the Mountain Air Painters, Deb's dedication to her craft is evident in every stroke of her brush.

Through her art, Deborah invites us all to take a moment, breathe in the beauty around us, and appreciate the world in all its simple, breathtaking glory. See more of her work here.


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