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Cazenovia Art Trail - FrogHappy

On September 30th and October 1st join us for one of our favorite annual events -- The Cazenovia Art Trail! We are so blessed to live in a community that supports and celebrates artists for their contributions to culture! This weekend we are able to peek behind the curtain and stop into their studios (where all the magic happens!) To get all the details about the weekend, visit and for a downloadable copy of the map, visit

One of many featured artist of the weekend is Jennifer Hooley of froghappy! Art & Design!

Jennifer has always loved to doodle, draw and paint. She finds joy in whimsy and light-heartedness of daily life. And she loves art that sparks a sense of curiosity and connection.

This year at 20|East during the Cazenovia Art Trail, you’ll find a series of her painted local scenes, sketches, daily drawings and a variety of greeting cards.

“Art makes me Happy!” - Jennifer

Jennifer is predominantly an oil painter with a focus on the light-hearted and whimsy of still-life and landscape. With degrees in business and fine art, she started her business, froghappy!, in 2000 in Washington DC to provide decorative painting and art in kids’ rooms.

She ran The Gallery of CNY, a regional art gallery in Central New York and now is proud to be represented at 20-East among many other talented artisans.

In 2020, she combined the art of doodle with her love for tennis in her collaborative work "The Gift of Tennis", by Valerie Clarke, Forward by Gyata Storman.

This year she is painting a collection of local well-known Cazenovia buildings and scenes and is working on a book illustration project.

She continues with a mission to provide artwork that engages the imagination and sparks a curiosity for fun fine art.

ribbit, ribbit ... be froghappy!


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Roger Devore
Roger Devore
Dec 07, 2023

Hello Jennifer -

Did I get that name to you right about the very good friend with whom I painted kid's faces on Hallowe'en in Sleepy Hollow? She and Debbie were very, very close. She was a very special person and was on her way up here to see Deb when she was stricken with the same thing.

The name is Robyn Leary Mancini. (The byn in Robin is because her family name was Rybinski) Among a thousand other things she used to travel with BB King.

All the best,

Roger De Vore

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