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Introducing: Bold Beginnings Girl's Power Circle with Nancy Mitchell

Introducing Nancy Mitchell and the Bold Beginnings Girls' Power Circle Group

We're thrilled to introduce Nancy Mitchell, a certified professional Life and Health Coach and a valued member of the Cazenovia Area Chamber of Commerce. Nancy brings with her a wealth of experience and a passion for empowering individuals to navigate life's transitions with confidence and clarity.

About Nancy Mitchell: Nancy Mitchell is a dedicated life and health coach with over 25 years of experience in education and coaching. As a mother of two and a seasoned educator, Nancy understands the challenges and joys of navigating life's transitions. Drawing on her expertise in human development and behavior, Nancy empowers her clients to embrace change and design their next chapter with purpose and confidence.

Bold Beginnings Girls' Power Circle Group: As part of her commitment to empowering individuals, Nancy is launching the Bold Beginnings Girls' Power Circle Group. This monthly circle is designed to provide young girls with a safe and supportive space to explore themes of confidence, self-expression, and personal growth. Through engaging activities and discussions, participants will learn to appreciate their unique gifts and build resilience for the journey ahead.


  • Mission: The mission of the Bold Beginnings Girls' Power Circle is to empower young girls to feel seen, heard, and safe while nurturing their confidence and self-expression.

  • Logistics: Meetings will take place from 3-4:30 pm, with a gluten and dairy-free snack provided. Meetings are scheduled for May 8th, June 5th, July 10th, and August 7th, with fall dates to be announced.

  • Cost: $20 per meeting, with various payment options available.

  • Contact: For inquiries or to register, please contact Nancy Mitchell at 201-618-2580 or via email at

Join Us: Don't miss this opportunity to empower the young girls in our community! Whether your daughter is navigating the transition to teenhood or seeking a supportive community, the Bold Beginnings Girls' Power Circle Group is here to help her thrive.

To learn more about Nancy Mitchell and her coaching services, visit her on Instagram at @bold_beginnings.



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