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Cazenovia Art Trail - Simply Made By Ro

On September 30th and October 1st join us for one of our favorite annual events -- The Cazenovia Art Trail! We are so blessed to live in a community that supports and celebrates artists for their contributions to culture! This weekend we are able to peek behind the curtain and stop into their studios (where all the magic happens!) To get all the details about the weekend, visit and for a downloadable copy of the map, visit

One of many featured artist and craftsman of the weekend is Simply Made By Ro!

Rochelle Reed is a local Cazenovia artist creating unique mixed media artwork. She utilizes local finds as well as materials from around the world. The materials are found, metal detected, mud larked (dug out of the mud), repurposed "junk" found at old abandoned dumps & more. Some examples of materials used include rusty metal, sea pottery, sea glass, sea shells, driftwood, sticks, old found broken toys, vintage clock & watch components, pebbles, and broken bottles. Each artwork lists the materials used.



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