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Welcome to Cazenovia, NY

Caz Life

Dining Week

Indulge your taste buds during our Dining Week, where our local restaurants curate special fixed menus for a unique culinary experience.

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Featured Events


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CazArts Classes
Registration is open!

Check out all the fantastic workshops and classes at Carpenters Barn

Shelter in

Check out the feature film written by

and starring Cazenovia's very own

Siobhan Fallon Hogan

About Caz Life

Caz Life is an events committee dedicated to fostering local business development, promoting tourism, and implementing effective marketing strategies in order to enhance the vibrancy and economic growth of our beloved village. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to curate captivating events and experiences that showcase the unique charm and attractions of Cazenovia, New York. By nurturing a thriving local economy and creating memorable moments for residents and visitors alike, we strive to build a sustainable future that preserves our heritage while embracing progress.


Pewter Spoon

Albany St, Cazenovia NY

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