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This Saturday at 20 East!

Here at 20 East, we invite you to join us on a fantastic weekend of local vendors! This Saturday, indulge yourself in the incredible products we have to offer. From the adorable Lillie Bean children’s clothing line to rejuvenating vitamin shots and mouth watering fresh produce and bakery items, 20 East has something for everyone. So, grab a cup of coffee and get ready to be inspired as we take you on a journey through the amazing products you can find here this weekend!

Vitamin Shots

This weekend at 20 East, we are excited to have Jess Colby BSN, MSN joining us to sell her health enriching vitamin shots. She will be offering D3 and B12 shots, both of which provide numerous health benefits. Vitamin D3 is essential for absorbing calcium and phosphorus, promoting better bone strength and growth. It also plays a role in boosting immune system functions, improving resistance to illnesses, and even enhancing mood. On the other hand, vitamin B12 offers a wide range of health advantages. Although the body cannot produce this vitamin on its own, supplementing it through B12-rich foods can increase red blood cell production, decrease the chances of anemia, and provide benefits such as improved energy, mood, memory, heart health, and healthier skin, nails, and hair. The unmatched benefits of these vitamins make it a great opportunity to come in this Saturday and get a vitamin shot! Additionally, with any purchase of 20 East merchandise, you will receive a discount on any vitamin shots. This is a chance to support your health and local vendors at 20 East.

Lillie Bean Boutique

As you browse for yourself, let your kids shop for themselves! Visiting this weekend is Esther from! Dive straight into some kid favorites; new clothes, children’s books, and even gifts for your littles! Shop the new Valentine’s and Spring collections for stylish clothes your toddler will surely love! Don’t miss out on these new favorites!

Local Goods at 20|East

From fresh Pastabilities bread to locally grown veggies, fresh flowers, and Maxwell’s chocolates, 20|East has what you need! Pastabilities bread is delivered Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, and is always fresh! Local farm, Mountain Grown Farm offers fresh lettuce and garlic. Luscious and colorful flowers from Spruce Ridge, as well as, delicious, velvety rich hand-dipped chocolates from Maxwells. Need gifts? Look no further - 20|East has you covered with free gift wrapping as well!



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